Our Mission

Checkexplore is a technology consulting, IT services and solutions company. Checkexplore offers next-gen solutions and services on Collaboration, Mobility and Cloud Space.

  • Checkexplore is formed by industry experts and veterans from top IT companies
  • 100+ man years of past project experience with Fortune 500+ globe companies
  • State-of-the-art – Innovation lab and customer experience center in Mumbai
  • Core focus on Technical excellence and Innovation
  • Industry and Domain focus on Manufacturing, Retail , Health-Care, Life Sciences & BFSI


  • Build great innovative business solutions and create high performance environment for all stakeholders.


  • Explore | Execute | Excel in Next- Gen Solutions on Collaboration, Mobility and Cloud Space.

What We Do


  • Strategy & Technical Roadmap
  • Enterprise Architecture and Audits
  • Cross Platform Migrations (TCO/ROI)
  • Cloud - Enabling and Readiness


  • Collaboration and Portals – SharePoint, Office 365
  • Cloud Development – Windows Azure
  • Application Development - .Net, BizTalk
  • Application Integration (SAP and other LoBs)


  • Collaboration and Portals – SharePoint, Office 365
  • Cloud Development – Windows Azure
  • Application Development - .Net, BizTalk
  • Application Integration (SAP and other LoBs)

Why Checkexplore

  • Committed Top Management - Our team is equipped with a high degree of expertise and experience in the industry; Bringing-in the global exposure which they hone while working for fortune 500 companies.

  • Domain skills covering a diverse range of industries, our consultants enable companies to effectively synchronize process and information systems to optimize the operational efficiencies.

  • Project management skills and expertise with proven methodologies and tools and an experienced team of consultants who can work on very tight deadlines.

  • Use of automation tools during the entire development life cycle, enabling greater productivity and assuring quality.

  • Access to repository of reusable component and business process that allows knowledge transfer to take place from one project to another thereby enhancing learning, reducing time-to-market and optimizing costs.

  • A value-added partnership approach to the management and execution of projects, ensuring a mutual alignment of goals.

  • Transparency and involvement of the client at all stages to continuously reinforce the partnership, mutual agreement and shared progress towards successful completion of the project.

AxCom - Insurance Commission

AxCom is Commission processing Framework for General insurance companies, which calculates commission for intermediaries like Agents, Broker, etc. AxCom Framework offers rule based workflow support in order to approve the commission on transaction, transaction type, Intermediary, location specific, volume base, also it controls various COA (Cost of acquisition) control.

AxCom has two major modules, Commission calculation and Commission matrix approval.

AxCom manages four types of Commission matrix as follows.

  • Policy wise
  • Product wise
  • Broker wise
  • Premium wise

AxCom is fully parameterized and can handle many complex commission rules, as rules in Insurance sector changes very frequently.

AxCom- Key Features

  • Flexible Commission Grid management aligned with IRDA compliance.
  • Exceptional commission processing speed (5 Lac Transactions in 1 hour).
  • Fully configuration rules for commission processing.
  • MIS report on payout based on various parameters such as commission cycle,Intermediary,location,transaction type etc.
  • Offers excellent work to integrate with core transaction system and accounting system.
  • Commission reconcilliation for check dishonor and policy cancellation.
AxCom - Business benefits

AxCom - Business benefits

  • Easy and accurate to calculate commissions for intermediaries
  • Cost effective, less effort require for calculating commission
  • Easy to implement complex commission rules
  • Fully automated

Collaboration Solution-SharePoint

Business Scenario

According to one of the Gartner’s Report* ‘Mobile will take over PC by 2015’; and it is evident and we already know this fact. Today, Smartphones including Tables have become an integral part and parcel of our everyday life. Consumers now spend much more time on core digital media platforms using smart-devices which demands, Responsive Design (formerly called RWD-responsive web design), is a client-side technique supporting multiple layouts in a single Web instance. Its simplicity has resulted in wide adoption, with added HTML5/CSS3 features.

Web sites designed for internal or external consumers including employees, need to be RWD compliant. Most of these internet or internet Websites are designed and developed using Microsoft SharePoint or .NET Technology.

Checkexplore RWD solutions for SharePoint Portals & Websites

Checkexplore's RWD accelerator is a wizard, allows an enterprise to convert existing intranet, extranet and internet SharePoint sites for Mobile and Smartphone portable.

Reusable and Cost effective - It delivers same content to different devices, maintains same look and feel i.e. one view for multiple devices for quick business turn around, especially for workflows and alerts.

Key Features

  • Liquid Flow Design - enables to contract, expand, remove or rearrange with user’s screen size accordingly and become accessible on all internet devices

  • Uses CSS3 media queries and fluid grids to create Responsive websites, with optimal layout and design, for screens with various sizes

  • Built using Grid Layouts, Reusable GUI components, Bootstrap, JQuery, Function and Wrapped Sets


  • Setup for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Increase User Experience and Adoption

  • Adopt to Multiple browsing Platforms

  • Build once for Multiple Devices - Save Cost and time

  • Beat the competition
AxCom - Business benefits

Checkexplore Accelerators for RWD can migrate .NET & SharePoint Portal in flat 4 Weeks*

  • Improves user web browsing experience since a website adapts to the browser or device compatibility automatically and makes the content look good.
  • Access to critical information when you need it
  • Easy SEO - There is no need to create specific content for mobile devices, while you still enjoy the benefits of your desktop website SEO on mobile devices
  • Low cost. Simple math — one website is cheaper than two
  • “One website – multiple devices” concept means that it’s easy to manage and focus on developing good content for your website
  • “One website – multiple devices” concept means that it’s easy to manage and focus on developing good content for your website
  • Only one set of analytics to examine and a single strategy to develop and deploy
  • Responsive websites are easier for consumers to find than traditional or mobile web sites because they come up higher in search engines’ rankings

Microsoft.NET Solutions

Checkexplore has a strong expertise in architecting, designing and developing solution using .net Framework 3.0 and above. Our advanced .NET Architecture Solutions enables Enterprises to use leading-edge .NET technologies to create innovative custom solutions.

.NET platform based application developments

  • Architect, Design &Develop Win form, Web form & Web Service based application using .Net frameworks from 2.0, 3.0 and above
  • Integrations applications with other non .Net based system using available API or Web/WCF services.
  • Design & Build ‘N’ tier application
  • Building multi-threaded application to service more requests and time optimization
  • Development, Support and Enhancement of existing applications in .NET
  • Portal Developments for various domains like insurance, banking etc

VB – Visual Basic Migration to .Net Migration

  • Assessment of existing VB Application and gathering application Inventory
  • Define approach for migration - Tool based/Manual Migration
  • Conduct POCs for selecting best migration tool for migration of VB Application
  • Actual Migration using selected best Tool based/Manual
  • Migration Roadmap definition and planning
  • Best Methodology for Migration

.NET Application Up-gradation

  • Assessments of existing .Net Application to get the info like use of third party components, Integrations with other systems, etc. and provide recommendations for up-gradation
  • Upgrading of .Net Application to New framework
  • Implementing Assessment recommendations

.NET Application Migration to Azure

  • Assessment for existing .Net Web application.
  • Migrate .Net Application to Windows Azure application
  • Deployment on Windows Azure.

Migration of Web services to Enterprise level

  • Asp.net web service migration to WCF
  • Migration of existing Web services to enterprise level repository
  • Implementation of UDDI 3
  • Enhancing existing WCF services to next level to support dynamic discovery etc.

.NET Capability

  • .NET Framework 3.0, 4.0 and above
  • Windows Communication Framework (WCF)
  • Windows Work Flow (WWF)
  • Windows Presentation Framework (WPF)
  • Web Services
  • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  • Multithreading /Parallel Programming
  • Ajax Technologies
  • Silverlight

BizTalk Solutions

Checkexplore provides end to end solutions – Architecting, Developing using BizTalk. Checkexplore have leading expertson SOA and BizTalk 2010 and now we are also ready with upcoming new release of BizTalk 2013 and ESB

Checkexplore provides following BizTalk solution

New Development using BizTalk 2010

  • Architect of SOA Solution
  • Analyze requirement of ESB
  • Design and development of orchestration,Itinirary,Bindings etc.
  • MSI preparation Package Building
  • UDDI Implementation
  • ESB Development


Migration of existing BizTalk 2006, ESB 1.0 projects to BizTalk 2010 Platform.

  • Existing codebase analysis
  • Migration of BizTalk 2006 R2 C# Project solution
  • Itinerary Migration
  • Migration of Binding and BizTalk Host
  • UDDI Migration
  • ESB Migration
  • Database migration

BizTalk 2013 Beta Capability

Capability demonstration and POC on BizTalk 2013 Beta

Hosting and System Requirements

Hosted as Cloud Solution on Private Cloud Server – Benefits

  • Pay-as-you-use Model
  • Safe & Secure Data Backups
  • Online & Real Time, Access to Past Pre-Inspection Data
  • Conduct Unlimited Vehicle Inspections
  • Automatic Product Release version updates
  • Monthly Billing Cycle
  • Dedicated independent Database instance /server, no interference with other Insurance Company Database Server

motor inspection

System Requirements

  • In-house or Cloud Server hosting
  • Android/Windows Mobiles or Tablets 4 Inch & above
  • Data connectivity - 4G, 3G, WIFI


Unit 7, Building 6, Sector 3, Millennium Business Park, MIDC, Mahape, Navi Mumbai 400 710, India.


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